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Reliable Lighting Distributor for
Retail General Contractors

Extensive experience supporting general contractors focused on multi-location clients.

Tarrant Lighting is Your Reliable Lighting Management Company

You’ve built your business working with a trusted stable of partners and subcontractors. But is your lighting partner delivering?

Tarrant Lighting works with several retail construction teams as their preferred lighting supplier because we deliver on time and on budget every time. Our deep retail expertise allows you and your team to focus on other parts of the job, while leaving the lighting to us.

  • National Coverage

    We're a national accounts lighting distributor - we can handle any project you have across the United States. No need to find someone local.

  • Product Consolidation

    We ship all lighting products to our warehouse to consolidate the product for arrival at the job site. No more worrying about dropshipped items.

  • Items Arrive Complete

    As part of the consolidation process, we ensure that all products have arrived before being sent to the job site.

  • Always Available

    Your project manager has the knowledge to help solve any problems that may arise, and they'll answer their phone every time.

  • Deep Retail Expertise

    We have worked on retail and multi-location projects for our 24+ year existence, including luxury retail and grocery.

  • One Partner for All Lighting

    You won't waste time tracking down different products from different vendors if something goes wrong. Tarrant Lighting handles it all!

  • Items Arrive When You Need

    No more products that arrive too early and get damaged or lost, or arrive too late and delay opening. We send it when you need it.

  • Expert Value Engineering

    Because we are brand agnostic, we have the know-how to value engineer your projects, usually with product that is equal in quality.

Interested in Working Together?

Tarrant Lighting is your lighting management solutions company, and we're ready to help you solve your retail and multi-unit lighting challenges.